Brian Eburah

I specialise in creating vibrant designs using detail from nature and movement. This is enhanced with iridescent colouring achieved through anodising Niobium and Titanium and setting them in Silver, various Golds and a selection of precious and semi-precious stones. All pieces are totally hand fabricated and one-off based on various style themes. 

This site is a portfolio of styles produced over the  years, so all pieces are made to order, often based on themes suggested by customers and can also be based on incorporating metals and stones no longer worn.

The colouring on Niobium and Titanium are achieved by passing a dc electrical current through the metal. A certain voltage produces a different thickness of oxide layer. Light passing through this layer refracts off the surface of the metal, creating the same colours as when you put light through a prism. Tantalum is the only other metal that can be coloured with the same process. Titanium can also be coloured through heat. The colours are permanent and can only be affected by rubbing the surface with other metals or abrasive surfaces.

I sell my pieces through a selection of small independant shops and galleries, showing  at  selective Fairs and through web site contacts.

Please contact me if you have any other queries.